With $250 in his pocket, a bicycle, and a pack weighing thirty-seven pounds, Edward Abair set off for the adventure of a lifetime in 1972. Twenty-seven years old, this teacher and former Army medic bicycled 5,800 miles alone from Long Beach, California, to Miami, Florida, to Boston Massachusetts. Forty years later, he kept a promise to travel the northern United States. This time he used modern equipment and had a wife supporting him in an automobile. With age and experience, he shares observations of finding the people and adventures from small town America to the Great St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Meet The Author

Edward Abair

A former Army medic in Vietnam and substitute high school teacher, bicycled across the United States on Route 66 in 1972.

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Cycling is hard demanding adventure work.  Six straight days of pedaling should be treated the same as the Biblical admonishment.  On the seventh day, God rested.  It is important to take a day of rest on an extended bike trip.  Or your body will revolt. Visit a...

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Tips for Your Next Solo Adventure

For a great solo bicycle trip take a suitcase full of smiles and stories.   People are interested in you if you have something interesting to share.  Get your collection started. You needn't be a know-it-all who  commandeers the conversation.  Rather hold enough...

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