Cycling is hard demanding adventure work.  Six straight days of pedaling should be treated the same as the Biblical admonishment.  On the seventh day, God rested.  It is important to take a day of rest on an extended bike trip.  Or your body will revolt.

Visit a church, synagogue, or mosque.  Be at one with the Eternal Being.  Praise and glorify the Divine Being.  Offer thanks.  Ask forgiveness.

Good travel does not mean constant motion.  The body needs downtime.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  It also develops resentment from the monotony of pedal, pedal, pedal.  Give the body healing time.  If you have ever watched a Rick Steeves travelogue, he strongly advises bringing rest days into the itinerary.  Otherwise the travel loses its interest and appeal when the body can no longer sustain the pace. Take time out to sightsee.  Read. Send post cards.  Catch a movie.  Do laundry.  Call your mother or wife/husband.  Ride a horse.  Visit a local museum.  Write in the journal.  Chat with folks at a coffee shop or restaurant.  Take a nap.  Go fishing.  Enjoy a three mile hike while using other leg muscles.  Exercise.  Do a good deed for someone.  Watch the sunset.  And it is pleasant relief.

We live in a hectic constantly connected world that is driving us to frenzied levels of activity.  It is so pervasive that doctors don’t even recognize the overwhelming amount of go, go, go in their lives.  And they are advising us with prescriptions to maintain obsessive schedules and routines.  If this seems ludicrous, then observe the persons behind the automobile steering wheel who drive like they are in a hurry.  It’s rush rush, rush.  Try to beat the light.  California “Rolling Stops”.  Speeding.  Switch to the faster lane.  What’s so wrong with 10 miles over the speed limit?  Road rage.  This is not the society of 50 years ago.  We live in a frantic time pressure cooker trying to get more and more done in the same 24 hours.  Kids pick up by osmosis what is happening with their parents.  Do you believe they are unaffected?

Bicycling is one method of giving ourselves a pace break.  And taking a break on a long trip is the event which gives us back the normal body rhythms and pace.   Enjoy a slower heartbeat.  Do not deny yourself.  You deserve a break today, and it is not McDonald’s.

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